The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

Prepare to dive into a deranged world


  • Random level generator
  • Tons of items and enemies
  • Great visual style
  • Addictive gameplay


  • Processor hungry


The Binding of Isaac is an action RPG game where users control Isaac and try to save him from doom.

The story of The Binding of Isaac is strange to begin with. Isaac’s mother hears the voice of God who tells her that he demands a sacrifice to prove her faith. Hearing this Isaac attempts to escape through the basement and starts his encounter with bizarre creatures and lost siblings, eventually facing his mother.

Gameplay in The Binding of Isaac consists of randomly generated dungeons and enemies. It makes each session with the game new and fresh and with over one hundred power-up items, The Binding of Isaac feels fresh each time.

Using the term “random” and “awesome” are two key points because the game contains four chapters with eight overall levels. Include over fifty enemy types and double digit boss encounters and also include more unlockable content and then The Binding of Isaac has limitless replayability.

Players use the standard WASD control scheme with the arrow buttons as directional fire. Isaac uses his tears as weapons and the more he cries, the better his attacks are. Add in the various power-ups and The Binding of Isaac gives tons of content for the player to use.

The Binding of Isaac also gives players items to use in-game, the most common being a bomb that creates area damage. The player experience is deep for the style of the game.

Visually, The Binding of Isaac uses cartoon style graphics combined with mature content to create a very strange experience. It is not uncommon to be surprised by some of the enemies in the game and the designs of the bosses. The style of The Binding of Isaac works perfectly for the tone of the escape and eventual confrontation with Isaac’s mother.

On the audio, The Binding of Isaac has a very ominous tone and everything feels dark. With headphones, The Binding of Isaac has an ambiance that can become unnerving, but overall it is one of the best soundtracks for a game.

The Binding of Isaac is a unique experience. The old-school controls, combined with a strange story, create an addicting game. With the random level generator, it is possible that each session with The Binding of Isaac is always going to be different.

The Binding of Isaac is excellent, but the content is not meant for children.

The Binding of Isaac


The Binding of Isaac

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